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The New COVID-19 Variant, A Myth or Fact

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Anxiety, fear or panic in the colonial era of COVID took many lives into captivity, locking down businesses, institutions, schools and flopping economies. These were the serious negativity of the novel virus. However, emancipation hits the world to remove the bundle of nerves from us when we hear of a vaccine. 

We thought victory was on our side finally? Well it was all imagination when we heard of a new coronavirus. The New Covid Variant. As confusing as the name is, it looks like it is gaining a name of itself. It’s just a scoop of words added to it to make it more suspicious and mysterious. The coronavirus variant has gained a lot of commentaries and myths concerning it. As obvious as it is, we must note that there is nothing mysterious about it, now let’s see the myths surrounding this new covid.

Is the new covid a new epidemic?

This feeling of the new Covid Variant is like the life in March and April last year. By now, you have likely heard about different variants that first raised trouble in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, and now maybe California. To get things clearly and more convincing, the new Covid Variant isn’t a new disease or a new epidemic

It may be true that you have heard a lot of myths from this news hitting us making it difficult to keep track of, and it will only grow more confusing with more variants likely to turn up. But keep note that just the ‘game of viruses’, they change and increase in mutation as they discover more in the human body. Stephen Goldstein, a coronavirologist at the University of Utah quoted that “It’s becoming a mutation-of-the-week game.” As true as it sounds, when a virus enters the human cell, it will stay there and study how the cells work in order to stay longer, and increase the capacity of the spread. 

How does the Coronavirus Variant work?

Not sure of how it works, but am aware of how the 2019 China virus works, then that’s how this one also works. So confusing but simple. The virus is the same but different in evolutionary advantage. The various symptoms of the old COVID-19 do not differ from the new COVID Variant. The only concern you should note is that people are becoming more vulnerable to reinfection with the new variants. 

When it comes to transmissibility, it seems that these variants do spread more easily; though there are wide-ranging estimates for just how much more infectious they are. With a faster-spreading of the virus claiming the human body, a greater proportion of a population must be protected and psyched for vaccination. 

How’s the world responding?

BBC news writes, “But one of the crucial differences this time is the new variant, which is thought to spread between 50% and 70% faster than previous forms of the virus”. According to them the newly discovered COVID is more dangerous in spreading than the older one. Therefore, bringing the evolved virus under control will be tougher. 

On January 4, the Prime Minister of British commented that this new variant has threatened the country’s health service, overwhelming them in their capacity to control it. The country’s health experts have warned that they don’t get prepared and tightened the safety protocols of preventing the spiraling number of cases, catastrophe will be inevitable. 

In the middle of January, South African health experts also warned that this new virus binds more readily and strongly to the human cells. This makes it more infectious than the first COVID witnessed. Salim Abdul Karim, top local epidemiologist said. Many African countries have also warned their citizens to be careful and to always ensure they keep themselves safe. Though vaccines have rolled out in many European countries, Africa is yet to commence hers.  Already the variant virus has taken sieges in Wales causing rapid increase in daily reported cases. The case rate across Wales has fallen from a high of 636 per 100,000 people on 17th December to 446 on Monday. The United States especially California has reported 122 cases on COVID variants and still counting. Joe Biden, the current president has sworn to make the country safer from the virus via his 100 million vaccination in 100 days’ project. So far, the World Health Organization [WHO] has confirmed that 40 countries have detected the virus in their territories. is a subsidiary of SPN NEWS a Sekondi-Takoradi based Digital Media Network comprising Five Online portals. It is owned by SPN MULTIMEDIA who are the publishers and Content managers. Together we reach a direct global audience of over 50,000 monthly users providing the platforms for issues to reach target audiences and for advertisers and marketers to make a direct global appeal and impressions to potential clients. We provide cross media visibility and exposure value. Contact us on or call 0595979799

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