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This is my mum. Your mum and her mum. And in fact majority of our mums. The daily hustle to support home. Sometimes saving from profits as low as 5 and 10 cedis a day, just to make sure the home is run. To make sure there’s enough food, water and also to take you through school.

They compete to offload boxes of charcoal, tomatoes, yam, cassava, plantain etc and bid to sell.

They carry on their heads, or get it transported via all means of transported, cheap but dangerous enough to make even the bravest of man tremble.

Most times at the market, their hands are on their chins because the sales have gone bad. But you never notice because she comes home to still make sure it runs. To ensure you survive.

They feel proud with every baby step we, their children make, in dignity, because they carry the water and they knownthe value of each drop.

They die peacefully, and leave beautiful stories of how they nobly “titi aboso) mu” to wit, emptied their small knots to take of us.

I’m not saying people should choose the hard way to live. But it is better to take up a hustle, be proud of it and live a diligent life from your sweat. It is better to live knowing your genuine effort is what you survive on anf not from swindling or the sweat of others.

And it is even better to die knowing you have no blood on your hands. Blood not only by clubbing a man to death. But also stealing wealth meant for someone, whose tears and pains are equal to being dead, by your actions.

Do not ever be told otherwise. There is still dignity and reward in honest labour.

If our mums put us here, by profits of 5 cedis a day, it is our responsibility to use our wisdom double that, and learn the ways of the ant. Our parents, the noble ones, are the proverbial ants. Hardwork, in dignity and honesty.

If the parent who catered for you felt no shame in their hustle to make you what you are today, what is your excuse to want it the other way? The wrong way.

Make money, the right and honest way as possible.

For if you acquire all the wealth in this world and die with no dignity, what have achieved, behind and before Allah, your Lord.

Credit: Saddick Adams

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