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THE CHRONICLES OF DONALD TRUMP: The Relevant Flaws. (1st episode)

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The US presidency? A presidency that has been defined by many internationals as a true democracy and a standout commitment. Established on the wing of provision and a propagated protection of motherland. In international affiliations, there is no powerful and more influential country and presidency than the ‘star-spangled banner’ of America.

Mr. Trump, the 45th president in the democratic era of America in 2016 was given the power to ‘make America great’.

With the given tenure of office, he was given such authority to manage and sail America to the top. Did he do it?

In the lips of many, they have labelled and described Trump’s administration as partly great and partly awful…………. not to distaste the presidency. His presidency has been marked as ‘Unprecedented and Unpredictable’. 

Do you agree?

Mario and Magri write. “Beyond the frequent tweets and bombastic rhetoric, lie a more conventional four years, as the United States navigated an ever-evolving international realty, compounded by a global pandemic and one of the deepest economic recessions in over a century.”

Wow, such a strong review on the political polarization of the Trump’s administration. Not to confuse you with strong words and a confused political synonym of words. This article will expose you to some administration failure of Trump. Well not only failure but success as well, if any.

On the rise of a new day which commenced on 20th January, 2017, a new president was sworn to power. This president has many in mind for Americans, locally or international. 

One of his stances on campaigning, the former president promised that he would construct a wall along the southern border of America. On the account of the wall, many funds have been allocated into this wall. Mr. Trump repeatedly said that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall in 2016. This ‘artistically beautiful’ wall will be constructed out of hardened concrete, rear and steel and will be the greatest wall that you’ve ever seen, Trump claimed. 

One question comes to mind, how far?

Trump’s quest on this great wall didn’t come to completion. In 2018, he asked the Congress to approve $18bn (£13.6bn) over the next decade for an initial phase of construction, but the bill ultimately failed. The man initially went ahead to fund the project using his power to collect findings from vital departments in the US to gather $15bn to continue building the wall. Such departments are the Department of Homeland Security, and the Defense and Treasury Departments. On 3rd November, 2020, Trump repeatedly claimed that “Mexico is paying for the wall” which is obviously opposite to the evidence we have. On this course, Mr. Trump also pledged to reduce illegal movement across the border. The number of people detained at the border increased significantly between 2018 and 2019, but dropped off in 2020. The plan seemed to still be in process, however, the current president of the United States, Joe Biden has pledged to stop the construction of the wall and said that he will involve the use of modern technology to check the trademark on the border and also to reduce illegal activity on the border. Clearer to his understanding, he said Trump is using his emergency power to use State funds from these departments, to him all these processes are useless and unnecessary spending. However, it is unclear what the new administration will do with contracts for wall construction which have already been awarded under Mr Trump – but are as yet not finished.

Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. This was another promise of Donald Trump which was labelled Muslim Ban. Under the ‘Executive Order 13769’ which lowered the number of refugees to be admitted into the United States in 2017 to 50,000, suspended the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days. Affected countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were denied entry into America. More than 60,000 visas were provoked with 700 travelers detained. Trump’s ulterior motive was to protect the citizens of America from any planned terrorist attacks from these so-called threatened Muslims countries. However, a severe impact was made. The fulfilled Muslim Ban from Trump’s administration frustrated refugees in third countries, divided families and denied critical healthcare to ill people. It prevented American citizens from being joined by friends and relatives for weddings, funerals and graduations and kept couples from getting married.

One of his serious policies in making America great is his war with China. Trump wars with China. Trump’s international policies seem not to be favoring America at the expense of their economy. In 2018, the twitter president tweeted that ‘trade wars are good and easy to win’. Well it is a good quote but not for China. China is such a great and powerful country that the world cannot ignore it in terms of economic growth and development. Mr Trump imposed tariffs on about $360 billion of imports from China. Turns out he was wrong on both counts. On the account of both, it turned out Trump was wrongfully wrong. The tables started turning in favour of China. The economic giant boosted of American flopped in the import deficit. 

To end it, one man said, “Promises are worse than lies. Cause you make other hope, hope for something that you’re not sure you can give.” All the summary caused the tragic loss of Trump. is a subsidiary of SPN NEWS a Sekondi-Takoradi based Digital Media Network comprising Five Online portals. It is owned by SPN MULTIMEDIA who are the publishers and Content managers. Together we reach a direct global audience of over 50,000 monthly users providing the platforms for issues to reach target audiences and for advertisers and marketers to make a direct global appeal and impressions to potential clients. We provide cross media visibility and exposure value. Contact us on or call 0595979799

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