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Assorted kelewele for your love on Valentines day.

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Thinking of what to do for her or him to make her or him feel special on the Valentines day? Awww yea I get you sorted. Is something special, simple and yummy, it assorted kelewele. Find the recipe from below.

Ingredients: Ripe plantain
Sausage (Optional)
Goat meat (chicken/cow meat)
Pinch of salt
Vegetable oil
Green pepper
Cayenne pepper

I hope you wash your chicken before cooking it? So when washing, squeeze lemon or lime juice on it (chicken) even before you add water.

•Wash gizzard and goat meat(chop it into cubes)
•Wash all vegetables
•Blend vegetables  (ginger, garlic, Onion and Kpaposhito)
•Steam meat with blended vegetables for 5 and add gizzard and allow it to cook for 10mins
•Chop sausage
•Chop carrot, green pepper and onion
•Chop ripe plantain into cubes or any size
•Fry chopped ripe plantain


1. Preheat oil
2.add onions, stir for 1min
3. Add blended vegetables (ginger, garlic, Onion and Kpaposhito), cayenne pepper and seasoning, stir for 2mins
4. add steamed meat and gizzard, stir
5. Add chopped vegetables (carrot, green pepper and onion)
6. Add fried plantain
Keep stirring for 2mins And serve

It’s irresistible, just try it out and thank me later. Happy weekend, enjoy your valentine.

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